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Common concerns with For Sale By Owners:

How will Buyers Contact Me?

Buyers will be able to contact you directly through our website, your name, phone, e-mail is on your listing. Information requests and Leads from other sites are forwarded to you. Realtor driven websites like MLS and do not allow your contact information to be viewed by the public.

Where will my property be seen?

We have developed a strong On-Line presence and distribute listing information to 100's of the most popular real estate websites through our extensive network and association with Listing Syndication companies. To learn more about where your home will be seen visit our Exposure page.

Will Brokers show my Property?

Yes, if you are willing to offer reasonable compensation and cooperate with a Buyers Broker it is the same as if you are a listing Broker. Occasionally a Broker will try to convince you that your home may be excluded from lists given to buyers because your listing appears in MLS as an Exclusive Agency/ Limited Representation or you are not represented by a Listing Broker; this is rarely the case and argued by some Attorney's as illegal.

Our position on this issue is that if a Buyers Broker is not willing to show your property to make a sale and earn a commission they probably won't last long and their buyer will eventually contact you directly.

Speculation suggests that one day the Listing Agent will be completely replaced by the Web in that the public will pay a flat fee to place their home on a national MLS site. The emergence of "buyers only" brokerages throughout the United States certainly lends credence to this theory. In Oregon the Regional MLS (RMLS) allows property to be listed in MLS as Exclusive Agency/Limited Representation. It provides service to every part of the state either as a primary or secondary MLS; in areas where RMLS is not the primary MLS we attempt to establish referral partners and develop our Broker Network.

Should I Cooperate with a Buyers Broker?

This decision is completely up to you. Our recommendation is the more open you are to working with a Buyers Broker in the sale of your home the greater chance you have of getting is sold. You also have the added benefit of professional help without paying for two Brokers.

As a long time Realtor I am a firm believer in the value of professional assistance and feel every real estate transaction should include at least one Realtor or real estate Attorney, but I am no longer convinced having two Brokers involved is a required expense.

Is it true that selling property for a reduced fee "By Owner" takes Longer?

There is absolutely no correlation between the total amount of real estate fees you pay and the time it takes to sell your home or the price you get for it. Paying more simply means paying more.

Paying a high rate of commission, such as 6% / $100,000, will not make it sell any faster."

Some sellers choose to offer higher compensation or bonuses to a Buyers Broker, but truthfully the buyer themselves are the ones who choose which properties to see and ultimately the home they will purchase. As a seller you are better served to price your home well, offer incentives to the Buyer, and do what you can to allow your property to sell itself.

Can I do it myself?

Absolutely; the decision to hire a Broker or sell your home by Owner can be a difficult one. Your decision should be made based on your comfort level and your ability to deal with people and stressful situations; not solely on the financial aspect.

If your decision is to hire a listing Broker we suggest interviewing 3 Brokers and ask for a written marketing plan. Because our business model is based on not establishing Fiduciary or Agency relationships with Buyers or Sellers we refer customers to our affiliate company Cobalt Realty Group LLC or a member of our Broker network in your immediate area.

Our agreement with our affiliate office and members is that they offer "Traditional" commission based listing services, Reduced/Flat Fee listing services and transaction assistance at a reasonable fee based on level of service. All offices use an approved Marketing Plan prior to acceptance as members.

Buyer Brokerage services offered by our Affiliate and network members are always Full Service; we highly suggest Buyers sign a Buyer Broker Service Agreement, establishing your commitment to the Broker and his responsibility to you.

How do I market my home?

Listing your home on our website is a great place to start; with the exception of certain home magazines you can advertise in those types of publications, the local newspaper, or a number of different websites. will be happy to assist you with advertising and marketing assistance on a pay for service basis. Our marketing programs will help you maximize your exposure.

Visit our By Owner Store for products and tips to help sell your home.

What about other services?

Because of the type of service we provide through we do not make referrals or recommendations to buyers or sellers on companies they choose to work with. We allow Real Estate related service companies to advertise on this site; this allows you to make the best decision without feeling that it is biased in any way.

Please view our list of advertisers or our featured advertisers page.

To Advertise your company and services visit give us a call. 

What areas does service?

Just as our name states our Website offers By Owner advertising and PLUS MLS throughout Oregon.

We are Members of RMLS Oregon/Washington and Southern Oregon MLS.  in areas where Regional MLS (RMLS) is the secondary Multiple Listing Service we attempt to work with Brokers of the primary MLS to place your home in that service area as a bonus.

What if I need Help or want to be contacted by a Broker?

Please contact us at anytime we will be happy to discuss the type of assistanc you need.

Whether you have simple questions about using our site, entering a listing or need professional Broker assistance, we will usually contact you within 24 hours after submitting your question, or you can call us at: 1-541-485-7792, Toll Free 1-877-485-7792. Please explain your need in the comments section to allow us to provide you with the best service.

For additional information check out "About US" or go to our "Add New Listing"  to get started on your home sale.