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Thanks to the internet, finding buyers is all about being seen online.  Anti-Trust laws forced Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to allow BY OWNER marketing companies that are members of local MLS systems to provide sellers the same level of exposure that was exclusively available to Realtors through the use of Limited Representation Listings.

Tasks such as pricing, listing on the MLS, advertising and communicating with buyers all can be done without hiring a Traditional Listing Broker.  Reports say over 33% of Americans selling a home no longer use a full service Realtor, instead they choose to offer compensation to Buyers Brokers through alternative By Owner or Flat Fee listing companies.  Sellers now have the ability to control and pay for the services they need with missing much needed exposure through the Broker Networks.

**Multiple Listing Services do not allow seller information to be viewed directly by the public, contact information is only available to Brokers.  Buyers can contact sellers directly through website via phone or secure e-mail.

OUR SYNDICATION NETWORK; distribution to most of these websites is free; some of the websites do require additional fees:

                                                           OUR NETWORK

RMLS Oregon/Washington:

RMLS (Regional Multiple Listing Service) Oregon/Washington is the primary Multiple Listing Service for many areas of Oregon and S.W. Washington, in addition they offer secondary service throughout most Cities and Counties in both states.
Our base fee includes:

  • 16 photo’s (maximum allowed).
  • Our website/company name linked on all listings to help direct potential buyers to your contact information directly**.
  • IDX and R.E.T.s cooperates with Internet Data Exchange (IDX) and Real Estate Transfer System (RETS) to maximize your on-line exposure.

SOMLS (Southern Oregon MLS):

Southern Oregon MLS is the primary MLS for Jackson and Josephine Counties, with service available for Coos, Curry, Douglas, Klamath, Lane and other areas.  In addition to SOMLS Listing Partners will have option to be added to RMLS Oregon/Washington for an additional $50.00.

Besides your Local MLS is considered to be the number one website buyers use to locate homes both in and out of their local area. Our “SHOWCASE ENHANCEMENTS” allow:


Point2homes is a National Listing Syndication service. Once your home is placed in this service it will distribute to many different real estate websites.  Including Zillow and Trulia.  For Non-MLS subscribers this is a great way to distribute your listing information.

LISTHUB.COM: is a Listing Syndication service that "pulls" data from the local MLS and distributes to major real estate websites, such as Zillow, Trulia, e-Lookeyloo, and many others.  Please note as the result of recent contract changes between Listhub and syndication sites if you have a posting on Zillow or Trulia your posting will probably be changed to

ZILLOW.COM and TRULIA.COM, and 100's of additional real estate websites:

Zillow and Trulia and 100's of additional real estate websites are provided listing information through Listhub or Point2homes at the time we enter your property in the Multiple Listing Service.  Updates to your listing is "pulled"  and transfered into their data sets.  Please note as the result of recent contract changes between Listhub and syndication sites if you have a posting on Zillow or Trulia your posting will probably be changed to reflect as the listing Broker.

BROKER WEBSITES: is part of the Information Data Exchange (IDX) and Real Estate Transfer System (RETS).  Your By Owner listings will appear on other Broker websites that agree to accept IDX and RETS data input onto their website.