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Unlike a "Traditional Listing Broker" does not represent Sellers or Buyers in real estate transactions.  Simply put you are your own Listing Broker and free to negotiate directly with Realtors or Buyers.

What you do:

  1. Determine your list price
  2. Decide how much compensation to offer a Buyers Broker.  MLS input requires offer of compensation.  Please read Terms of Service.
  3. Handle your own negotiations with real estate Brokers or Buyers directly
  4. Register and make Payment on our website (a user name and password will be sent to you via e-mail)
  5. Add your listing information and photo’s to our website
  6. Manage your listing information on our website
  7. E-mail desired MLS photo’s numbered in order you wish them to appear in MLS to  The exterior of home (preferably front) must be #1.   See MLS Photo requirements
  8. Notify us of status changes to Pending and Sold
  9. Honor the relationship between Buyers and their Broker
  10. Make sure is not on any Sale Agreements or Addendums prior to accepting an offer of purchase from a Broker or Buyer.
  11. Save $$$ on the listing Broker side of your sale.

What we do:

  1. Once registration is complete and Payment is made we start the MLS Listing input process
  2. We E-mail you our Exclusive Agency/Limited Representation Listing Agreement, MLS Data Input Sheet and In-Progress MLS listing (where available)
  3. We contact you via phone or e-mail to complete MLS listing data.
  4. We add your listing to our Network and listing Syndication partners who distribute your listing to,,, and 100’s of additional real estate websites
  5. We handle all MLS price changes and updates to your listing
  6. Once your home is placed in MLS or on our website we get out of the way you handle all negotiations with Real Estate Agents or Buyers directly.


What you don’t do:

  1. Don’t attempt to “go around” a Broker who has shown your home to a potential buyer.  When you sign our agreement you are agreeing to honor the relationship between a Broker and their Buyer, and compensate that Broker at the successful close of Escrow for bringing you the buyer
  2. Don’t mislead a Buyer or Broker about the condition of the property
  3. Do not list on any contracts or addendums.  We are not your Realtor.
  4. Do not violate Fair Housing Laws

What doesn’t do:

  1. We do not enter into an Agency Relationship with Buyers or Sellers
  2. We do not give specific advice about a sales transaction, we can answer general real estate questions so long as it does not create an Agency Relationship
  3. We do not “Poach” your buyers.   You pay for the leads they belong to you.
  4. We do not recommend a List Price (we will be happy to send you a sales activity report for your neighborhood after registration and payment)
  5. We do not enter negotiations or intervene in your dealings with Brokers or Buyers on your behalf.   If you require professional assistance we recommend you contact a Real Estate Attorney or hire a Broker to assist in your transaction.